First Film. Ever.

by | Feb 10, 2017 | How To's

Script to Screen in Six Weeks: Do It At Your Own Risk

As seen in ACTRA Toronto Performer’s Magazine.

actra first film ever short films light the girl productions ltgFind a film competition you are eligible for and bring it to your co-creators.

Naively ignore the fact that the timeline is near impossible.

Put that concept you’ve been holding on to, down on paper.

Contact anyone you hope to work with, and who might fulfill the requirements of this competition.

Ignore the fact that you and your co-creators are suddenly in 3 different countries, 2 different continents, and keep going.

Curse that time differences, and differing family schedules, means you never connect live.

Appreciate that time differences means that one of you is always working.

Wrangle a realistic budget together despite the fact that you are pulling it out of the air.

Submit the damn thing on time.

Celebrate that you are a finalist and your film will be screened at the opening night gala of an international film festival!

Freak out because you now have to make your first film. Ever.

Freak out because half the people, who said yes, got busy.

Freak out because you have no idea what you’re doing.

Rejoice because your peeps at ACTRA and Trinity Square Video know what they are doing.

Discover you’ve done everything assbackwards.

Rejoice that you have a dream team of a Director, DP, 1st AD, and Editor.

Realize you have no shoot without LOCATION.

Feel stupid.

Freak out because trying to secure actors, crew and equipment during Theatre Festivals and TIFF season is near impossible.

Feel stupid because you still have no LOCATION.

Feel empowered because suddenly you have no shame in asking for anything.

Rejoice because the PERFECT LOCATION came through, (yes, at a cost).

Freak out because your script editor drops out the day before your shoot, for a full time job.

Freak out because your sound guy drops out the night before your shoot, for a better paying gig.

Find the most amazing replacements at the 11th hour.

Shoot a film in 2 locations, in 2 days.

Rejoice because you’ve wrapped your first film. Ever.

Freak out because you now have 5 days before the panel wants to see your RC.

Freak out because the logistics of post are a nightmare and no one told you that.

Freak out because you’re at the delivery date and it’s almost there but not quite.

CELEBRATE – because it’s 2 days later and you’re at the opening night of an international film festival, watching the opening credits of your very first film. Ever.